Autumn Action 2018 – LISKI ARROW plus !!

Date posted:17-09-2018

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LISKI ARROW – die schnelle Spitze!

Date posted:07-09-2017

Road zipper system in use (Video) – Tunnel Hirschstetten and Stadlau

Date posted:07-09-2016

Perfect first use of QMB system (QuickChange Moveable Barrier System) in Austria – the construction work could be carried out thanks to this new machine in record time and with minimal disruption of traffic flow.

Unique road machine for the first time in action in Central Europe.

Date posted:03-02-2016

In February 2016 the new QMB-system (Quickchange Movable Barrier System) will be used for the 3 km re-construction work at the A23 in the area of the tunnels Hirschstetten and Stadlau.

With this specially designed machine special concrete elements can be moved for creating/closing an additional lane for traffic.

The whole process will be done in moving traffic without any traffic restrictions and the displacement of 3 km of these concrete elements takes only 30 minutes.

This QMB system will be in use until July 2016.

The QMB system was used mainly used in the US, in Europe so far only in England and the Netherlands.

ALPINA as European representative of Lindsay Transportation Solutions / Snoline is responsible for the implementation of this innovative traffic management system in Austria.

Ski-flying Worldchampionship 2016

Date posted:18-01-2016

successfully launched with support from the Alpina Windnet-team over the stage.

The winners of our raffle in December, Albert and Kevin from the Lachtal experienced a dramatic final day in the team event on Sunday.

In a very interesting guided tour they got a look behind the scenes and after the award ceremony Kevin succeeded even a photo session with Stefan Kraft – a great and lasting memory!

Our latest innovation – the new Alpina Windnet!

Date posted:11-01-2016

The latest innovation from Alpina – a new wind-net for Innsbruck for the 4-Hills-Tournament!

Athletes, the OC and the FIS were absolutely delighted with the performance.

World Cup opening in Sölden!

Date posted:21-10-2015

Alpina starts in the Winter – with our products we guarantee once again a perfect, safe start to the Alpina Ski World Cup Winter 2015/16.

Employee protection in Slovenia – Alpina delivers additional TMA light!

Date posted:08-07-2015

Alpina equips the DARS with another 5 pieces of TMA light – now 15 emergency vehicles in Slovenia are equipped with these TMA light to protect employees and road users.

ALPINA official partner of the FIS Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding World Cup Kreischberg 2015

Date posted:09-12-2014

Alpina has been chosen by the organizers of the FIS Freestyle Ski and snowboard 2015 World Championships in Kreischberg as official partner and we look forward now to be able to care for highest possible safety level for the athletes at this great event too.

ALPINA official and exclusive supplier of safety equipment for the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup 2015 Vail.Beaver Creek!

Date posted:08-10-2014

In 2011, the renovations of the A net (High safety net) by Alpina were performed in Vail.Beaver Creek by using the material of the Olympic Winter Games Vancouver 2010.

Meanwhile, we write 2014 and the start of the World Cup winter: 2 charges with safety nets and accessories were sent in the summer on a trip to the USA and preparations are underway for the shipment of the last container now.