Traffic Safety

We are making things safe on Europe’s roads!

For more than 15 years we have been developing safety systems that are used in motor racing and Formula 1. This accumulated know-how is of vital help to us in the development of road safety systems.  Both our road airbag and our newly developed TMA light provide more safety on Europe’s roads day in day out!


Road Airbag
We act unchallenged in first place when road safety is involved. The Alpina road airbag is considered to be the most gentle crash cushion system in the world and experience in several European countries shows that the use of our road airbags leads to a risk reduction of 100 %. Through the unique Alpina airbag technology the crash cushion is also capable of deploying its cushioning effect even if there are several accidents one after the other. The quick and uncomplicated installation of our crash cushion creates efficiency and potential savings by shorter set-up times, shorter lane closures and lower work costs. All Alpina road airbags are tested under the strict EU Directive EN 1317-3 and have the required approval for use/licence of the BMVIT (Federal Ministry for Traffic, Innovation and Technology).


TMA light
Our TMA light is the first TÜV-tested crash cushion for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes that are in daily use in road maintenance. The quick and easy installation of the TMA light on the road maintenance vehicles makes it the perfect and essential companion on the road. Because of the unique light design of our TMA light we are the only provider in this area as because of their weight all other TMAs are unsuitable for use on vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.


The TMA light is tested under the strict US standard NCHRP 350 by the TÜV and is twice as good as is required under the European standard. The TMA light considerably increases the protection of building site and road workers as soon as they leave their vehicle and carry out work on motorways and dual carriageways. Because of the impact reduction the road workers in or in front of the impact protection vehicle are safeguarded while also the motorist driving into it benefits from the crash cushioning of the TMA light.

Catalog - Public Traffic Safety

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